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from George Bernard Shaw’s Diary

13 July, 2011

I was just going through old notes and found some entries from George Bernard Shaw’s engagement diary, which I transcribed during a visit to the Shaw papers in the Archives of the London School of Economics some time ago. Below isn’t a complete copy of the diary, just a few things that I wrote down. At the time they just seemed interesting, but now they seem poignant to me.

Engagements Diary of 1922 26/21

Feb 6            Headache

16             “”

25            Press photograph

3/18            Headache

8/5            “”

9/26            “”

10/20            “”

12/20            “”

Diary 1923 26/22

1/17            Headache

2/5            “”

4/15            “”

6/22            Msr. David Low, Cartoonist, Sitting at 18:00

6/29            Headache

8/31            “” (shows)

10/26            Bath unveil Sheridan Tablet and speak in Pump Room

11/29            Headache

I also took note that he wrote down train times in his diary every time he had to travel (very organized), as well as all the meetings of RADA, the Stage Society, the Fabian Society, and the Society of Authors. Also listed were various lecture engagements and performances.

There was a fairly large collection of brochures and ads in his papers too; I suppose some of them were collected in a hope of curing the migraines. They included ads for nature cures, electrical cures, household electrification and plumbing, air conditioning, and “automatic ventilation systems.”

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