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10 Best 10

25 February, 2010

This year I will be one of the judges of WIN-Initiative’s 10 Best 10 photography contest. The press release follows:

WIN-Initiative, the alternative stock agency dedicated to finding cutting-edge photographers from around the world, has teamed up with 10 art/fashion/lifestyle magazines from different countries to host a truly global photography competition. The 10 Best 10 international photo competition is a definitive showcase of the very best of contemporary photography.

The magazines involved are: Time Out/United States, Oyster/Australia, Eyemazing/The Netherlands, Guerilla/Canada, Zoom/Russia, S Magazine/Sweden, Reflex/Argentina, FUXYZ/Spain, The Outlook/China, One Small Seed/South Africa and Let Them Eat Cake/England. “Our partner magazines are all forward-thinking, youth-culture based and visually highly sophisticated, completely in line with the image that WIN strives to promote. And together we hope to shine a light on deserving and emerging photographers as well as create buzz, publicity and cross platform exposure for all,” says WIN founder and award-winning photographer Hans Neleman.

“With this competition, in addition to finding the world’s next photography talents, we really hope to showcase how complimentary industries can collaborate for mutual benefit,” says Charlie Fish, Editor of WIN’s own online photography magazine, WINk. The total sponsor prize package is worth an estimated $30,000, with sponsors such as Bron Imaging Group contributing a $5,000 portable lighting package to the prize mix.

So what role do the magazines play in this second-in-a-series of international competitions bearing the 10 Best 10 brand name? The first stage involves the magazine editors selecting their region’s top photographer. Each winner will receive a DSLR camera. The magazines will then assign a photo shoot to their winner, to be completed with their new camera. The resulting magazine layouts will then be judged, to find the best among the 10 best. The ten photo shoots will also be documented. It’s photography and publishing collaborating for competition’s sake.

WIN-Initiative has 750 photographers throughout the world, including China, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and New York City. Its stock library has over 20,000 unique, vibrant stock images. For more information, visit or

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